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2 Month Visit

At your baby's 2 Month visit we will discuss the growth and development of  your child. At this visit we will also discuss how you are feeling and adjusting with a new baby. We care about how you may be feeling, so we will ask you to fill out a Maternal Depression Screen Questionnaire. Screening new moms for maternal depression can improve outcomes for women and infants. The earlier a woman is identified with maternal depression, the earlier she can receive treatment. New Moms will be asked to fill out Maternal Depression screens at the baby's 2 month, 4 month, and 6 month visits. 


At your baby's 2 month visit, he/she will also receive their first round of immunizations. Immunizations received at 2 months are, Hep B, Pentacel, Rotovirus and Prevnar. 

For information on your baby's first vaccines, check out the link below!


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