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12-18 Year Visit

At  your child's 12-18 year visits we will discuss growth and development. We will also discuss academics, self care, and safety. These well visits will prepare your children for sports, working papers and camp. Any forms you may need filled out for any of the above activities you can bring with you to your visit.  At 12 years of age, upon entry to 7th grade, your child must receive their first Menactra immunization. Upon entry of 12th grade, your child will need to receive the second dose of the Menactra immunization.

Your provider will see you up until you graduate High School. Your doctor will see you one last time for your 18 year college physical. At that appointment your doctor will advise you to transfer your records to an adult physician. 

For information on the Menactra immunization, click the link below!

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